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2016-2017 Staff

Jessica Ayon


Being able to play an instrument came naturally for Jessica Ayon, 11, who began playing the piano in ...

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Alexandra Rapalo


With a love for English, reading and writing during her free time, senior, Alexandra Rapalo’s dream job ...

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Stefanie Chavez


Having watched the sci-fi show Bones with her mother throughout most of her life, Stefanie Chavez, 11, yearns to become a fore...

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Taylor Harrison

Social Media Manager

Excited for college, senior, Taylor Harrison prepares to leave Downey and pursue a major in psycholog...

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Melissa Estrada

Section Editor

Because she likes the idea of change and trends, Melissa Estrada, 12, aspires to work in the fashion ...

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Melissa Diaz


Photography and film lover, Melissa Diaz, 12, plans on pursuing her dream to become a Youtuber as an adult. ...

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Oscar Flores


Hoping to entertain The Downey Legend  readers, Oscar Flores, 10, plans on offering a more fun and gracious...

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Nicole Najera


Whenever inspiration hits her, Nicole Najera, 12, runs to jot down some meaningful poems to express how...

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Allie Gurrola


Known for her love for the Dodgers, Allie Gurrola, 12,  proudly supports her boys in blue, growing up wa...

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Ajla Nasic

Section Editor

From a young age Ajla Nasic, 11, has been fascinated by the entertainment industry, and has made it a per...

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Chuy Solano


Getting support from his friends and family to join the football team, senior, Chuy Solano decided to ...

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Jade Robles


With few friends to take up her time, Jade Robles, 12, takes part in the world of YouTube with her o...

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Alessandro Esquivel

Co-Copy Editor

Preparing himself for the upcoming school year, Alessandro Esquivel, 12, focuses on taking primarily...

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Christopher Tellez


As a Senior at Downey High School, Christopher Tellez, is obsessed with poetry, and now runs his own cl...

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Fatima Rosas

Managing Editor

Due to her passion for the music industry, Fatima Rosas, 12, plans to pursue a career in business man...

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Karla Ramirez

Photo Editor

Because she thrives off of helping others, Karla Ramirez, 12, plans to explore her love for medicine b...

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Jennifer Lopez

Business Manager

Ever since her and her brother started taking in stray dogs off the streets when they were kids, Jennifer L...

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Clarice Rosales

Co-Photo Editor

Downey High senior and photographer Clarice Rosales has always been passionate about her photography because o...

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Genevieve Gaubert


By the age of twelve or thirteen, Genevieve Gaubert, 11,  found a love for photography and has since t...

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James Torrico


With a passion for performing since a kindergarten, James Torrico, 12, devotes his time outside of sch...

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Jasmine Fernandez

Co-Copy Editor

Developing a newfound love for theater, Jasmine Fernandez, 10, has really enjoyed plays lately, more s...

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Miranda Ramirez


On summer vacation in Destin, Florida, Miranda Ramirez, 11, had an authentic encounter with the marine life,...

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Leticia Ortiz

Co-Photo Editor

Acquiring a passion for photography at a young age, Leticia Ortiz, 12, captures the expressions of peo...

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Alex Castillo

Copy Editor

After remembering his many family trips, Alex Castillo, 12, recalls the memorable moment of being denie...

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Anabelle Rositas


Originally taking interest in writing in middle school, Anabelle Rositas, 12, continues to write teen fic...

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Marlene Garcia


Having a love for volleyball, Marlene Garcia, 10, hopes to pursue her passion and continue to play la...

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Sofia Carrillo

Comic Artist

A vibrant and artistic girl, Sofia Carrillo,12, has been living in Downey since she was little; and loves...

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Alicia Garcia


Volunteering this summer at Drumming for Life, Alicia Garcia, 12, enjoys helping children learn how to...

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